TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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Manually Update TurboTax for Windows Software (Basic, Deluxe, Premier, Home & Business)

TurboTax 2016 – R47

If you're having trouble updating your TurboTax 2016 for Windows software, you can get your federal* program update here:

  1. Close TurboTax and all other programs except this browser window.
  2. Click this button to download the 119 MB update:


  3. Save the update file to your Desktop.
  4. Double-click the update file (look for the "folder in a vise grip" icon):


  5. Follow any on-screen instructions to install the update.

*We don't offer manual updates for TurboTax State programs. If you need to update your state, here are your options.

2013—2015 Manual Updates

To update your prior-year TurboTax for Windows software, follow the instructions above, but instead of clicking the button in Step 2, click the link that corresponds to your tax-year version:

  • 2015 (R42 - 115 MB)
  • 2014 (R45 - 113 MB)
  • 2013 (R34 - 92.3 MB)

2012 and earlier manual updates are not available, as these products are no longer supported.