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Can I file Form 1310 in TurboTax?

File IRS Form 1310 if you want to claim the tax refund for a decedent return (that is, a return filed on the behalf of a deceased taxpayer).

Before you can get to the form, make sure you've entered the decedent's date of passing on the Do any of these apply to [taxpayer]? screen. You can go back to the Personal Info section and step through the taxpayer's screens again to make sure the date was entered.

After you've filled out the return, search for form 1310 inside your program and select the "Jump to" link. This will take you to the Complete a Claim for Refund screen. Answer Yes and follow the onscreen instructions.

We'll give you the option of paper-filing the form by itself or including it with the decedent's return when filed.