Level 15

Deductions & credits

@11081099 The software automatically uses the standard deduction--you do not have to do anything to choose it.  Unless you "force" itemized deductions or have enough itemized deductions to exceed your standard deduction you will get the standard deduction without lifting a finger to choose it.  See line 9 on your Form 1040.


And---this is a public web site.  Everyone can see it.  Return to your post and click those three little blue dots on the upper right so you can edit out your name and personal information.  Luckily the filter already removed your email address.


2019 Standard Deduction Amounts


Single $12,200   (+ $1650 65 or older)

Married Filing Separate  $12,200   (+ $1300 if 65 or older)

Married Filing Jointly $24,400   (+ $1300 for each spouse 65 or older)

Head of Household $18,350  (+ $1650 for 65 or older)

(Also + $1650 if legally blind)

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