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@RealHitta95 wrote:

Can I use my 2019 W2s for this year when I file

Oh,  that's a No-No!!

2019 income can only be reported on a 2019 return.  Do NOT try to report 2019 W-2 forms on a 2020 return, or you'll end up with problems and a big headache to later correct.


A 2019 return cannot be prepared in Online TurboTax.  The website is currently only for 2020 returns.  If you want to use TurboTax to prepare a 2019 return, you'll need to use 2019 desktop software (CD/download).   You can purchase 2019 desktop software directly from TurboTax as a download at this page and install it on your computer:


You may be able to find the 2019 software cheaper at a reputable authorized retailer like Amazon, but even there be sure it is a legitimate authorized product from Intuit sold directly by Amazon itself, since there's no way to be sure all third-party sellers on Amazon are legitimate.   Here's a list of authorized retailers:

Be aware there are "too-good-to-be true" Internet scam sites selling fake or pirated software.  Only companies in the above FAQ are authorized for legit TurboTax downloads.


Minimum system requirements for Windows version:


Minimum system requirements for Mac version:


The 2019 return cannot be efiled.  It will need to be printed, signed, dated, and mailed.  It's a good idea to mail by a method that has tracking, such as certified mail, priority mail, etc.


If you have both Federal and state returns, you need to mail each one separately to its respective tax agency.