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After you file

You’ll receive your Refund Advance virtual card info within 1 hour of the IRS accepting your e-filed return, by email. The funds will be loaded on to the card within 48 hours. Any balance of your tax refund remaining will be sent to you after the IRS has accepted and processed your tax return, usually within 21 days. You’ll be able to start spending online with your card information after setting up your Turbo Card account.


Also, a physical Turbo Card will be mailed to you within 5 to 10 business days. The remainder of your refund (minus the Refund Advance amount and any TurboTax fees) will be loaded onto the card when the IRS or state tax authorities distribute your refund (typically within 21 days from IRS acceptance). Call (888) 285-4169 for any problems that you are experiencing with your card.


Please click the TurboTax Help link, listed below, to learn more.


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