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After you file

Kentucky Schedule M line #15 covers state adjustment income from partnerships, S Corps and other income reported on Form K-1.  Amounts entered on this line are subtracted from the Federal Adjusted Gross Income.  The amount originates from entries made in your tax return that were reported on a K-1 form for a business, partnership, trust, or estate.

The first page of Form K-1 has the amounts to report on your federal tax return, but the additional pages often have different amounts to report on state tax returns. From the information you provided, it appears the information entered in your personal tax return may not match what Kentucky received.

You will need to find your original K-1 form to correct the error.   See Kentucky Schedule M for details.

Take a look at the information below for some additional help to resolve this issue.  Every TurboTax return is covered by the TurboTax Audit Guarantee and you may have purchased the optional Audit Support.  The blue links in the article will help you know what to do next. 

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