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Can i start filling without submitting my taxes now for 2019? and would i get taxed for money in my checking and saving account? thank you.

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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

You only get taxed on any interest in your bank accounts.  You will get a 1099 form for interest and dividends.  But even if you don't get the 1099 you have to report all your income like $1 of bank interest.  But you do not report interest or dividends in IRA accounts.


You can buy the Desktop CD/Download program now here,


And the Online versions will open in December here, 


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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

The TurboTax online editions for tax year will not be available until early December.

The TurboTax desktop CD/Download editions for tax year 2019 are currently available -


You can enter your tax data as often or as little as needed at any time using TurboTax.  Only you control when or if the tax return is filed.


If you earn interest on a checking or savings account then your financial institution will send you a Form 1099-INT for the interest earned during the year.  That interest is to be reported on your tax return.