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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

@Alta Vanbibber 


"We" are other users in this PUBLIC forum.  (don't post personal info here !  Only scammers and other criminals may try to phone you if you post your information...TurboTax will not).


When e-filing a tax return, TTX sends the information you input to the state. TTX does not send the actual taxes due, just the information to your state and the state does the debit......BUT...many states do not allow a tax payment debit to be arranged with an e-file, and you have to pay them separately, either by check, or by using the states own debit tax site on the state's own tax web page.


Download a copy of your tax PDF file, and look at the State "Electronic Filing Instructions" sheet.  That sheet will show d.debit information  IF...if it was actually possible to arrange it when you e-filed.  Check your account and routing numbers too.


All this assumes you successfully e-filed the state tax return in the first place.


If you used any version except "Free", you can talk to TTX on the phone on weekdays: