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@whitiepossum wrote:

@tbone1533 , I too have the same issue. I went to the IRS website and downloaded my 2017 transcript and verified the amount I entered is correct. You may wish to try that as well, it took maybe 10 minutes. However, I didn't submit those returns until January of this year. I am curious to know if you filed late as well.  @DoninGA , I am trying the zero solution suggested.


Yep...when you file the previous year late, then you may have to use a zero.  The use of your actual 2017 AGI to e-file 2018 assumes you filed 2017 on-time, or at least e-filed 2017 taxes before October of 2018. thus, a zero is usually requited for anyone who late-filed 2017 taxes after October of 2018 .


ANNND, for people who successfully e-filed 2017 taxes on-time, but later amended their tax return....they must use the AGI of the originally-filed and accepted tax return, not the AGI on the amended forms.