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should i self-declare a post-tax IRA contribution if my bank did not provide a 1099-R?

I did a post-tax IRA 2018 contribution on Jan. 10 2019, but my bank did not provide a 1099-R yet! 


Should I self-declare the contribution in my 2018 tax return? (even though it has no tax implication, since it was post-tax). 


please advise. Thx.  

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You'd receive a 1099-R only if you had a distribution, rollover, conversion, or recharacterization of an IRA.  


I'm assuming that you contributed to a Roth IRA, correct?  You do want to enter that into your TurboTax program, just for record-keeping purposes.  See the instructions in the TurboTax FAQ below for entering this 2018 contribution made in 2019.



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