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Manually Update TurboTax for Windows Software

by TurboTax Updated 1 week ago

If you find you need to manually update your TurboTax for Windows Software, here are some instructions to get started.

If you're having trouble updating your TurboTax 2023 for Windows Individual software using the "Check for Updates" method, here are instructions for how you can get the latest federal program update:

  1. Close TurboTax and all other programs except this browser window.
  2. Select this link to download the 264 MB update.
  3. Save the update file to your Windows desktop.
  4. Double-click the update file w_perrelsuperpatch... on your desktop to install the manual update.

We don't offer manual updates for TurboTax state software. If you need to update your state, here are your options.

To manually update your prior-year TurboTax for Windows software, follow the same instructions as above, except substitute the tax year you need for step 2:

2019 and earlier updates are not available, as these past-year versions are no longer supported.

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