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Error 1327 when installing or updating TurboTax

SOLVEDby TurboTaxTurboTax Windows25Updated May 05, 2022

Error 1327: Invalid drive X can occur when updating TurboTax. (X can be any letter.)

Error 1327: The Windows Installer cannot write to the specified drive can occur when installing TurboTax.

Solution 1

Getting an Error 1327 message when installing the program may be related to corrupted My Pictures registry keys, which can be caused when the My Pictures folder points to an external or nonexistent drive. Although not a TurboTax issue, it needs to be corrected to install TurboTax.

Follow the steps in Microsoft article ID 4027573, which involves modifying the registry.

Important: Because of the serious problems that may arise if the registry is modified incorrectly, TurboTax cannot provide support for registry edits. Before you make any changes, we also highly recommend that you make a backup of your registry (here's support from Microsoft for Windows). If you need further assistance with registry edits, check with your system or network administrator (if you have one), the vendor from whom you purchased your hardware, the manufacturer's Web site, or a computer consultant.


Solution 2

  1. Sign in to Windows as an administrator.
  2. Close all open programs.
  3. Connect an external flash drive to your machine (any external hard drive or a pen drive.
  4. Open the Control Panel, select Administrative Tools, and then select Computer Management.
  5. In the Computer Management window, select Storage, and then select Disk Management.
  6. Right-click the External drive you just attached and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths.
  7. Select the Change button and change the drive letter to match the letter identified in your update error message (for example, E:). Select OK and confirm the change.
  8. Start the TurboTax setup. It should say TurboTax is already installed, select Remove
  9. On the screen that says Uninstall/Repair, select Uninstall.
    • If the Uninstall completes, proceed with step 10.
    • If the Uninstall crashes with Error 1327, skip step 10 and proceed with the steps below to repair and then uninstall/reinstall TurboTax.
  10. After the uninstallation is complete, Install TurboTax again.

To repair and then uninstall/reinstall TurboTax:

  1. Start the TurboTax setup. On the screen that says TurboTax is already installed, select Remove, on the next screen select Repair.
  2. After the repair completes, uninstall TurboTax. This time the uninstall process should succeed.
  3. Install TurboTax again.

Error 1327 when updating can indicate that the drive TurboTax was initially installed on was removed or assigned a different drive letter.

To temporarily work around this issue, you can download a manual update. However, the problem will continue whenever you attempt to update in TurboTax. To resolve it:

  1. Log into Windows as an administrator.
  2. Close all open programs.
  3. Open the Control Panel and select Administrative Tools and then Computer Management.
  4. In the Computer Management window, select Storage and then Disk Management.
  5. Right-click the drive TurboTax is installed on and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths.
  6. Select Change and change the drive letter to match the letter identified in your update error message. Select OK and confirm the change.

Important: Modifying your drive letter paths can cause other programs to become unstable if they have different drive paths assigned than TurboTax. Be careful when performing these steps. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, consult a computer technician.

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