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What if I got a 1099-G but never actually received unemployment benefits?

SOLVEDby TurboTax328Updated 2 weeks ago

If you received a 1099-G from your state, but didn’t actually receive unemployment benefits last year, you should contact your state to request a revised form (corrected 1099-G).

Unfortunately, there has been an increase in identity theft using people’s information to receive unemployment benefits. Your state is sending you this form because they think you’re the one that received this income.

Select your state below to contact the unemployment agency.

Alabama (AL)Kentucky (KY)North Dakota (ND)
Alaska (AK)Louisiana (LA)Ohio (OH)
Arizona (AZ)Maine (ME)Oklahoma (OK)
Arkansas (AR)Maryland (MD)Oregon (OR)
California (CA)Massachusetts (MA)Pennsylvania (PA)
Colorado (CO)Michigan (MI)Rhode Island (RI)
Connecticut (CT)Minnesota (MN)South Carolina (SC)
Delaware (DE)Mississippi (MS)South Dakota (SD)
District of Columbia (DC)Missouri (MO)Tennessee (TN)
Florida (FL)Montana (MT)Texas (TX)
Georgia (GA)Nebraska (NE)Utah (UT)
Hawaii (HI)Nevada (NV)Vermont (VT)
Idaho (ID)New Hampshire (NH)Virginia (VA)
Illinois (IL)New Jersey (NJ)Washington (WA)
Indiana (IN)New Mexico (NM)West Virginia (WV)
Iowa (IA)New York (NY)Wisconsin (WI)
Kansas (KS)North Carolina (NC)Wyoming (WY)

Go ahead and file your return as you would normally using your corrected 1099-G form.

Keep trying to reach your state agency and save all of your documentation about your attempts to contact them, along with any forms or statements you may have received.

If you need to file your return before receiving a corrected form, follow these instructions to enter your 1099-G.

  1. When you get to the Wages and Income summary screen, go to Unemployment, then select Start next to Unemployment and paid family leave.
  2. On the Let’s dig into your situation to understand it better screen, answer Yes I did to Did you receive unemployment or paid family leave benefits?, then for Where did you get your benefits from? select Government (Form 1099-G), then answer Were you required to repay unemployment benefits (uncommon)? and select Continue.
  3. Choose Type it in myself, then Continue.
  4. Enter the Payer’s ID from your 1099-G on the next screen and Continue.
  5. Verify the Payer’s information on the next screen if it was imported. If not, type in the payer’s information from your 1099-G on the We couldn’t pull your payer’s info screen and Continue.
  6. On the Now fill in the rest of your 1099-G details screen, enter 0 for both Box 1 - Unemployment compensation and paid family leave and Box 4 - Federal income tax withheld.
  7. Select your state in Box 10a and type in the State identification from Box 10b from your form, and enter 0 for Box 11 - State income tax withheld.
  8. If there is any locality information on your form, type in the name, enter 0 for Local income tax withheld, and Continue.
  9. Your 1099-G is entered.

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