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What is TurboTax Live Full Service?

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In TurboTax Live Full Service, a dedicated tax expert will prepare, sign, file, and guarantee your tax return for you.

Once your tax expert receives all tax documents and info from you, they will prepare the return with you on the phone. Complex returns may take longer to complete. Your tax expert will give you next steps based on your situation.

Note: TurboTax Live Full Service turns off your ability to fill out your tax return by yourself. But don’t worry, your tax expert will take care of everything.

  1. Sign in to your TurboTax account and select the TurboTax Live with Full Service product.
  2. Schedule a welcome call with a tax prep assistant to learn more about the process and ask any questions about what to expect. They'll learn about your tax situation and transfer you to a tax expert who has the right experience for you.
  3. Your tax prep assistant will identify what documents and forms you'll need to prepare your tax return. For most people, it will be your: 
    • W-2
    • Driver’s license or state ID
    • Prior year tax return
  4. Upload any additional documents or info requested while on the call with your tax prep assistant. It can be as simple as snapping a photo with your phone.
  5. Once you've been transferred to your tax expert, they will introduce themselves and request any remaining information or documents to make sure they include all the credits and deductions possible.
  6. Your return will be prepared on the call. This can take 1-2 hours, depending on the complexity of your return.
  7. Review your return once your tax expert shares the finished files with you. You can even go over it together in a live video call.
  8. After you've reviewed your return and are ready to e-file, you'll pay and electronically sign your return.
  9. Your tax expert will then file your return for you. You can download and save a copy of your return for your records. You will be notified when your return has been accepted by the IRS.

TurboTax Live Full Service gives you the personalized attention of a tax expert to handle everything, whether you have a simple tax return, own a home, sold investments, are self-employed, or have a complex return. A tax prep assistant will collect your information and match you with the right tax expert and the right TurboTax product based on your unique tax situation.

Full Service Basic
  • W-2 income
  • Limited interest and dividend income reported on a 1099-INT or 1099-DIV
  • Claiming the standard deduction
  • Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC)
  • Child tax credits
  • Full Service Deluxe includes everything in Basic, plus
  • 350+ deductions
  • 1 Sole-proprietor (Schedule C) without expenses
  • Full Service Premier includes everything in Deluxe, plus
  • 1 Rental property (Schedule E)
  • 1 K-1
  • Stock and investment sales
  • Up to 75 non imported and up to 4,000 imported crypto transactions
  • Full Service Self-Employed includes everything in Premier, plus
  • 1 Sole-proprietor (Schedule C) with expenses
  • 1 Farm (Schedule F)
  • Full Service Complex Income includes everything in Premier, plus
  • Up to 10 Sole-proprietorships (Schedule C) with no expenses
  • Up to 45 rental properties (Schedule E). Up to 15 Schedule Es
  • Greater than 75 non-imported crypto transactions
  • Unlimited K-1s
  • Full Service Complex Self-Employed includes everything Self-Employed and Complex Income, plus
  • Up to 10 Sole-proprietorships (Schedule C) with expenses
  • Up to 5 Farms (Schedule F)
  • TurboTax Live Full Service isn’t available for some customers in certain tax situations. But you can still get help preparing your return with TurboTax Live

    Before you choose to use TurboTax Live Full Service, check if your return contains these unsupported situations:

    • Complex foreign transactions
    • Illegal income, including income that is legal at the state level, but not legal federally
    • Taxpayer is a minor
    • Taxpayer filed a nonresident return last year
    • Taxpayer is a dual-status resident or part-year resident or must elect to be treated as a resident
    • Return is filed by a Power of Attorney
    • Married filing separately in a community property state where the exception to allocation hasn’t been met 
    • Comprehensive tax projections or planning
    • Any IRS forms or situations that TurboTax Online does not support
    • Filing more than 5 states

    Our experts can help you with that, too. You’ll be connected to a new tax expert who’s a specialist in amendments. Only tax returns filed with Full Service can be amended with Full Service.

    Make sure you really need to amend before starting this process.

    You can also reach any of our tax experts year-round for help and advice. It's all included with TurboTax Live.

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