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How do I send my QuickBooks Self-Employed tax information to TurboTax?

by TurboTax Updated 7 months ago

You can send your tax information from QuickBooks Self-Employed to TurboTax Premium or TurboTax Live Premium from a web browser or the QuickBooks Self-Employed mobile app.

Your accounts must be connected for the import to work. This means you sign in to QuickBooks Self-Employed and either TurboTax Self-Premium or TurboTax Live Premium with the same sign-in credentials.

Before exporting, make sure your information in QuickBooks is final. You can only send your information over once. If the export fails, contact QuickBooks Self-Employed.

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Self-Employed.
  2. Start here. Don’t enter any information in TurboTax before you import.
  3. Select Tax Checklist, near the top of your home page.
  4. Complete the steps and answer the questions under TAX CHECKLIST, if you haven't already.
  5. Select Review and send.
  6. After reviewing the information, select Send to TurboTax.

You may need to enter some information manually into TurboTax, such as:

  • Vehicle loan interest
  • Other vehicle expenses
  • Home office expenses
  • Interest paid
  • Self-employment health insurance premiums

You should also keep a few other things in mind:

  • Make sure you are accessing TurboTax with the same user ID and password that you use for your QuickBooks Self-Employed account. This will make sure you get any bundles you’ve paid for.
  • Meal expenses are imported as 50% deductible.
  • QuickBooks estimated tax payments generally cover federal income taxes, not self-employment taxes.

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