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How do I find my employer's EIN or Tax ID?

SOLVEDby TurboTax3733Updated January 26, 2024

The best place to look your employer's EIN (Employer Identification Number) or Tax ID is in Box b of your W-2 form. Look for a 9-digit number with a dash separating the second and third digit (NN-NNNNNNN). It's usually right above your employer's name or below their address.

Don't have your W-2 yet? 

It's best to wait until you get it, either in the mail or electronically (if your company offers electronic delivery). Your employer is required to have your W-2 available by January 31.

If February 14 has rolled around and you're still without it, we can help you figure out what to do next.

Where else can I find my employer's EIN while I'm waiting for my W-2?

  • Try asking your employer (specifically, their payroll, human resources, or accounting department).
  • Get it from last year's W-2, if you're still working for the same company. This is assuming your employer kept the same EIN (most of them do).
  • If you work for a publicly traded company (i.e., it has a stock symbol), try an online search for their 10-K.
    • On the 10-K, look for IRS Employer Identification No. or similar. It's usually on the first page. (This might not work if your employer has multiple EINs.)
  • If your employer went bankrupt, do a search for related court documents. Oftentimes the EIN will be on the docket sheet, along with their name and address.

We don't maintain, nor are we able to retrieve, your employer's EIN.

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