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What is Intuit Assist?

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Intuit Assist is an AI-Powered Financial Assistant that is with you every step of the way to provide personalized guidance to help you stay on track and get your best tax outcome.

Intuit Assist uses a combination of the company’s decades of tax prep experience, your tax data and documents, and current tax code to produce your best tax outcome.

Benefits of Intuit Assist in TurboTax

When you start your taxes, Intuit Assist creates a personalized tax checklist based on the data you shared. After uploading your tax data and documents, Intuit Assist in TurboTax helps with tax prep in different ways:

  • Realtime checks for accuracy: Checks your returns and helps you fix any mistakes as you go.*
  • Uses data to find deductions and credits: Analyzes your tax return and finds refund-boosting deductions and credits.
  • Personalized assistant: Get instant answers to your tax questions about your unique situation.
  • Work alongside tax experts: In TurboTax Live, Intuit Assist will work with your tax expert to offer guidance in real-time.

Intuit Assist has been built in keeping with the company’s commitment to data privacy, security, and responsible AI governance. Intuit safeguards customer data and protects privacy using industry-leading technology and practices, and adheres to responsible AI principles that guide how the company operates.

Learn more about Intuit Assist and how Intuit Assist can be used in TurboTax.

*Limited availability for certain Intuit Assist features; may be more broadly available soon.

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