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Do I need a receipt for my donation?

SOLVEDby TurboTax2184Updated January 13, 2023

Yes. For noncash donations under $250 in value, you'll need a receipt unless the items were dropped off at an unmanned location such as a clothing bin.

Noncash donations from $250 to $500 in value require a receipt that includes the charity's name, address, date, donation location, and description of items donated.

Noncash donations over $500 in value also require a record of how and when the items were acquired and their adjusted basis. If the donation exceeds $5,000 in value, it'll need a written appraisal from a qualified appraiser.

For cash donations under $250, you'll need either a bank record (like a canceled check or bank statement) or a written acknowledgment from the charity, which includes the date and amount of your contribution. Bank records are insufficient for cash donations of $250 or more. Instead, you'll need something in writing from the charity that includes the date and amount of your donation.

Donations made through payroll deduction require you to keep a pay stub, Form W-2, or other document provided by your employer that shows the date and amount of your contribution. In addition, you'll want to keep the pledge card showing the name of the organization.

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