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How do I amend my return to fix the duplicate federal data transfer issue?

SOLVEDby TurboTax322Updated November 28, 2023

We identified an error that may have impacted some customers’ 2020 tax returns. The issue doubled an amount carried over from your 2019 state tax return involving either the refund amount or balance due. The impact on your federal return may require you to file an amendment. We fixed the issue in TurboTax and recommend that you verify your 2020 tax data to make sure you’re getting every dollar you deserve.

If your state tax return for 2020 was affected by this issue, you’ll hear from your state directly about whether or not you should amend your state return. If you don't hear from your state, then your state return wasn’t impacted.

Note: If you received additional refunds or tax due notices from the IRS, the amount reflected as a change on this amended return may be different from the final determination when the IRS processes your amended tax return.

We recommend you electronically file your amended return as soon as possible. The ability to electronically file the amendment will shut down at the end of October.

Follow the instructions to make sure your tax data is correct.

  1. Sign in to the TurboTax account where you prepared your 2020 return.
  2. In Tax Home, scroll down to Your tax returns & documents, and select 2020.
  3. Select Download/Print return (PDF) to save a copy of your original return.
  4. Select Amend (change) return and then select Amend Using TurboTax Online.
  5. On the OK, let’s get a kickstart on your 2020 amended return screen, select TurboTax sent me an email, then Continue.
  6. On the What did we contact you about? screen, select Something else then Continue.
  7. On the Tell us which 2020 return(s) you want to amend screen, select 2020 Federal Return then Continue. Your refund/balance due tracker will usually reset to $0. This is normal. Note: Your state will automatically correct the issue if your state return was also impacted.
  8. On the Here’s the info for your amended federal return screen, select Done.
  9. On the Tell us why you’re amending your return screen, enter “CORRECTING THE OVERSTATED AMOUNT OF DEDUCTIONS OR REFUNDS,” then Continue.
  10. Make sure your mailing address is correct on the next screen, then select Continue.
  11. The next screen will ask you a question regarding the Presidential Election Campaign Fund. Make a choice and select Continue
  12. On the Do any of these less common situations apply to you? screen, you don't need to make a selection. Select Continue to proceed.
  13. If the next screen(s) asks about your stimulus payments, answer these questions as you originally filed. Don’t change your original entry on these questions.
  14. Select Continue on the following three screens: Let’s check your federal return and make sure it’s good to go screen, Nice! Your federal return is in great shape screen, and Let’s get started on your state taxes screen.
  15. On the Let’s work on your state taxes screen, select Continue. You don’t need to include any additional information. Note: Your state will automatically correct the issue if your state return was also impacted.
  16. On the Let’s comb through your returns one last time with complete check screen, select Check My Info. Review any final warnings and fix any errors. If you make any changes at this stage, be sure to run complete check again, until there are no new warnings to fix.
  17. You don’t need to save your amended return(s) for your records. After you file your amended return, it'll be included in Tax Home. Scroll down to Your tax returns & documents, and select the 2020 button. Select Download/Print return (PDF) and your amended return will be included.
  18. Follow the TurboTax instructions to e-file and/or mail the amended return(s).

If you want to track progress on your amended return, you can use the IRS Where's My Amended Return? tracking tool. Allow at least 16 weeks for the IRS to process your amended return.

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