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How do I file a substitute W-2 using Form 4852?

You can file a conventional paper return that includes IRS Form 4852 if all efforts to obtain a W-2 from your employer have failed. Here's how to fill one out:

  1. In your TurboTax program, search for W-2 or W2 (lower case works also) and then click the "Jump to" link in the search results to get to the W-2 entry screen.
  2. Fill out your W-2 as best you can using the information from your last paystub.
  3. When finished, proceed through the interview. Eventually you'll get to the Do Any of These Apply to This W-2? screen.
    • Check the box I did not receive a W-2 and need to complete a substitute form near the bottom.
    • Check any other box(es) that apply to your W-2 before clicking Continue.
  4. Eventually you'll come to a screen which will ask if you want to complete Form 4852 for wages paid. Answer Yes and carefully follow the onscreen instructions.

Returns including Form 4852 cannot be e-filed per IRS regulations.