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Debt management

I am a college student -- I am also on SSDI -- disability.  I am also 63 years old.  I will start working from home when I finish college in 2 years at a job that pays me quite well because of my degree -- a much better income than before Disability. And in addition, I will be able to still collect $1,050.00 in Social Security Benefits -- as I will be of retirement age when I graduate.  But I will also have student loans to pay back.  That's the reason I am in debt. Also, I am an artist Digital Media Artist  / Animator / Game Development Major who had to first study 2 years of Graphic Art & Design.  A field of study that costs a lot in supplies.  I have thousands of dollars worth of Art Supplies and equipment from my classes.  I get reimbursed by the government at tax time but only by a fraction of what I actually spent/spend each semester.  That is why I'm in debt.  In this country, --- being in debt -- it is a necessary part of being a student who wasn't born wealthy.