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I know this thread is old but for anyone considering it I wanted to recommend checking out Best Egg because I was denied a bank personal loan but got approved with them and I have been really happy with them overall! There are no early payoff fees, hidden interest, etc. They even have flexible payment options if you need to skip a payment (I don't recommend doing this but its nice they offer it so your credit doesn't get hurt if you cant make the large payment one month trying to pay down your debt quickly) I did a 3 year term to get my debt paid of quickly so the monthly payment is very high but it is worth it if you want to get out of debt! I agree with everyone's advice too about keeping your credit card accounts open but cutting up your credit cards and trying to change your spending habits. It is really hard once you get this loan because you still have the same payments each month and cash flow is still just as tight and now you have these open cards it is really tempting to use them. Just keep moving in the right direction and paying off debt the best you can. Good luck to everyone out there in this same battle! Our generation got started off on the wrong foot with all this student debt and it creates a mess for the rest of our finances right out of the gate.

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