The main functional difference between online Prem...
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Which TurboTax to report a normal IRA distribution?

Our IRA / ROTH IRA are a mix of stocks, mutual funds and ETFs. Cost basis, earnings and gains/losses aren't tracked for tax purposes.  2016 is the first year we have taken a distribution of any type.

Can I continue to use Deluxe for tax preparation or do I have to get Premier?

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Retirement tax questions

Any of the TurboTax 2016 desktop CD/Download editions can be used to report a distribution from a tax deferred retirement account reported on a Form 1099-R.  So you can continue to use the Deluxe desktop edition.

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Retirement tax questions

And you can enter a 1099R into all the Online internet versions including the Free Edition.
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Retirement tax questions

The main functional difference between online Premier and Deluxe is that Premier supports the sale of securities while Deluxe does not.  If you have no security sales from after-tax accounts I see no benefit to moving up to Premier.

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