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How to enter rental use percentage for both expense deductions and property improvements for a rental home on the same property as our home?

We have a property with two houses on it.  We moved from one to the other 7/1/18 and started renting the front home on 9/1/18.  In the property profile I checked that I rent out a unit in a multi-unit property.  In the property profile, it says "Let us calculate your expense deductions for you" and it asks "the percentage of the property rented out. " I put in 50%.  It then wants to cut the remodeling expenses entered by 50%, although they were all for the rental unit, not our separate home.  If I don't put in 50%, do I cut the original purchase price of the property and fair market value in half and all the escrow fees, so I can put in the whole amount of the remodeling for the rental home, without that number being adjusted?