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So I have IRS transcripts starting in 2005 I was 15 and broker barter exchanges are going on and at 16 I make $100k being partner in an llc I only got a federal lien

I can’t afford an attorney and my mom and step dad split and when I ask questions everyone has no clue as  the reason I had a lien in my name until 2015 I was denied student loans to finish my degree I joined the army when I couldn’t go to school anymore I had 6 surgeries during that time which disqualified me from service. I have a job and ive tried to just move on but I want to know why I have tax documents from my days in middle school someone aka my moms ex husband broke th law for multiple years I don’t owe the irs money so I’m.not trying to get out of paying but I think the irs owes me an answer to my credit score the plate and 7 screws in my foot and to why I couldn’t finish school 

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I don't see a question in your text.
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This is one of the longest "run-on" sentences posted here.  What is your actual issue that we can help with?
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SU's see my thoughts on this one - you know where my post is
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Unfortunately you appear to have too much going on and the issues are beyond the scope of this forum.

I will, however, make some recommendations / comments:

  • Since we are not able to see any documents (and certainly don't post anything since this is a public forum) we aren't able to determine exactly what is going on.
  • I don't think you need an attorney at this point.  If you want to try and resolve this on your own, you can call or write the IRS to understand what has taken place with respect to your tax filings and lien.
  • While I indicated you probably don't need an attorney, I would recommend you consult with a tax professional.  This individual can obtain a power of attorney from you and would be able to speak with the IRS on your behalf.  Yes, this will involve some out of pocket costs, but the cost of not resolving this may far exceed any tax professional fees.  Additionally, a tax professional has the ability to speak with a special group at the IRS to cut through some of the lower level red tape.
  • Attached is a link to some general information on a federal lien that may provide some guidance and includes a phone number;
  • While you indicate the lien "was until 2015" just the fact that this is on your credit is reason enough to follow up on this to get this removed.  Unfortunately this issue will take some time to resolve.  The IRS is understaffed and moves at a sloth pace.
*A reminder that posts in a forum such as this do not constitute tax advice.*

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