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So I have IRS transcripts starting in 2005 I was 15 and broker barter exchanges are going on and at 16 I make $100k being partner in an llc I only got a federal lien

I can’t afford an attorney and my mom and step dad split and when I ask questions everyone has no clue as  the reason I had a lien in my name until 2015 I was denied student loans to finish my degree I joined the army when I couldn’t go to school anymore I had 6 surgeries during that time which disqualified me from service. I have a job and ive tried to just move on but I want to know why I have tax documents from my days in middle school someone aka my moms ex husband broke th law for multiple years I don’t owe the irs money so I’m.not trying to get out of paying but I think the irs owes me an answer to my credit score the plate and 7 screws in my foot and to why I couldn’t finish school