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@xmasbaby0 So I guess I didn't explain it very well.  I'm working part time and going to school full time.  School and work have both shifted to at home and online.  What I would like to do is go home and do all of that from home for a month (until fall semester starts back up).  My work has said that there are "tax issues", but they wouldn't explain further.  But I know that other people do this quite often, it is so common they even made up a term for it (workcation).  So I assume that there has got to be some kind of loophole like "as long as it is under x days it doesn't matter." 

What is your home state, and what state will you be working in?


The only "tax issue" is likely to be that you may owe state income tax in the state you are visiting.  But that's pretty complicated and will require someone to do some research.  

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