Level 3

State tax filing

Payment Plan Agreement -- Taxpayer must have received a bill
How do I make installment payment arrangements?
1. File your income tax return on or before the April 15th filing deadline. Include on the return the amount you owe.
2. Pay as much as you can of the amount you owe by the filing deadline (EFT, check or money order).
3. Once your return is in our computer system, you may set up an Agreement to Pay through Revenue Online. If you want to start making payments on your account prior to receiving the bill, you can mail in your payment with the Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher (DR 0900). Make sure you put your Social Security number (primary Social Security number if it is a joint filing) on the bottom of your payment check and the tax year to which the payment applies. If you prefer to make the payment arrangement by telephone, call 303-205-8291.

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