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I'm a fellow user--not a tax expert--but I can tell you in general how you can try to delete this form from an Online return if you're sure you don't need it.


First a disclaimer:
I know nothing about California returns at all and nothing about that particular CA Form 3554 .  So you'll have to decide if deleting it is what you want to do.   The steps below may allow you to do so, and may solve your situation if you do not need the Form 3554..   Otherwise, I'll also leave you info below on how to phone TurboTax Support when they open at 5AM Pacific (8AM Eastern).


I assume you have not yet filed your return and know how to get back into the return interview.  If TurboTax thinks you are finished, and there is no longer a "take me to my return" button, you can open the interview back up by clicking on "Add a State".  That doesn't really add one, but opens the interview back up.  NOTE:  IF you have already filed the Federal return, do not make any changes on the Federal side.


  • With your return open, in the left menu column click on TAX  TOOLS, then TOOLS.
  • In the Tools window, choose the link "Delete a form."
  • In the list of forms find that particular CA Form 3554 you need to delete.  It will then ask you to confirm. Be careful that you don't delete the wrong form.

Does it let you delete the CA Form 3554 there?    And does it stay gone, or does it regenerate?


If that didn't get rid of it, here's how to reach Customer Support.   TurboTax Support has extended hours on October 15.  They are open 5AM-9PM Pacific (8AM-12 Midnight Eastern.)


FAQ: What is the TurboTax phone number?


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