Level 15

After you file

Are you Single?  The income to get the full amount for Single is 75,000 for the first 2 rounds.  But it phases out up to 99,000.   So you can still get some.   So it must be another reason they took it off your return.


If you claimed a missing stimulus payment on your return but the IRS took it off you have to ask the IRS. They think they already sent it to you. Maybe it went to an account you don't remember. Or you got a check or a card. It was probably easy to miss the debit card in the mail and think it was junk mail. They have to put a trace on it.


How to put a trace on a missing 1st or 2nd Stimulus payment.  IRS for Payment Issued but Lost, Stolen, Destroyed or Not Received

See question F3 here, you can expand it to see how to put a trace on it.

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