Level 15

After you file

Are you referring to an email you received from TurboTax informing you of an upcoming auto-debit for TurboTax fees?  If so, and if you can't pay the fees now, you may be able to ask them for a deferment.


If you chose to pay your TurboTax fees out of your Federal refund, and if your Federal refund has been delayed unusually long at the IRS (or if it's been reduced), after a certain number of days TurboTax will want to be paid.  They likely started sending you emailed bills to pay.  If you don't respond by either paying or asking for a deferment, they will ultimately debit your bank account.  If you wish to ask for a deferment, you need to do so quickly.


See this FAQ that explains the process.  The first paragraph of the FAQ has a special phone number if you have a question or have a hardship and need to ask for a deferment.  


Hours are 5AM-5 PM Pacific (8AM-8PM Eastern),  Mon-Fri.


If you need to ask for a deferment, you should call them as soon as possible.  Once they actually start the debit process, they say they can't stop it.


FAQ:  Why was my bank account auto-debited for the TurboTax fees?


The first paragraph there says:

If you’re in need of assistance, call us by the Tuesday prior to your debit date at 1-888-808-1723 to speak with a trained specialist and mention “auto-debit”, or visit TurboTax Support.