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Where is my amended return?

I filed an amended return in early April that was accepted but never disbursed? Does it normally take this long? It’s now June.

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After you file

It "normally" takes at least four months for the IRS to process an amended return.   During the pandemic it has been taking MUCH longer.   So do not expect quick results from amending--you will likely be waiting for at least six months or more.  When they send a refund for an amended return, it will not be by direct deposit.  The IRS mails a check to the address on your tax return.


You can watch for information here:


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After you file

It will take the IRS 4 months or longer to process an amended tax return.

Go to this IRS website for the status of an amended tax return - https://www.irs.gov/filing/wheres-my-amended-return