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After you file

@junichi8 wrote:

That's part of the problem. I live in Europe and there is no CD software commercially available. In fact the software is setup to make it difficult for Ex-Pats to file. For example I cannot file without a valid US phone number, which I also do not have. I think they need to make changes to their software, otherwise it's not a solution for Ex-pats who want to file their tax returns.

I'm just a fellow user and don't work for TurboTax.  But I have seen some international filers in forum threads who said they asked a trusted relative or trusted friend to use their USA credit card with US billing address info to pay the TurboTax fee.


The IRS instructions for Form 1040 say a phone number is optional.  If you leave it blank and ignore the error message, will it let you get by it to continue to efile?