Level 2

After you file

I've heard multiple people guessing and lots or unspecific guidance.  Nothing official i have seen just comes out and says the answer.  I am not sure why Turbo Tax doesn't just say it because they should know.  Here is what i think the answer is though.


If you got your return on a Turbo Card, then the stimulus will go there to.


WHY:  I looked up my "tax return" and looked at the routing and account number "for the card".  They are exactly the same.  The IRS doesn;t get any additional info under the table or know how companies are handling.  All they see is:


Account type: X Checking  ___Savings




They aren't privy to anything else.  It just looks like another checking account to them.  If you do anything extra just make sure your card is active and email verified.  Don't give it a reason to reject.  I wouldn't update name or address on the card though.   I don;t know if it matters but they set it up to match your tax return., just accept it and live with it for now  Don;t cause waves where there aren't any. 

    If someone doesn't want it going there or if they didn't direct deposit, then they have to do the routine IRS is telling everyone to enter a direct deposit number on their site.     Again though, don;t cause waves where there doesn;t have to be.  If your doing this because you threw the card away, just order a replacement card.  It might be a different card number but the account info won;t change.   Take the road of keeping things as consistent as possible with no changes not absolutely required.  Every time you do, youre throwing the dice.