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After you file

Hi i hate texting i rather talk to a live person but this is so fuastrating i file my taxes on jan 28 got accepted feb 2 and my refund was supose to be in my account on the 20 of feb is what it said on your app and the irs web site also said the 23 of feb it was going into my account now from that it went to refund still processing to getting a letter today stating that they are holding my refund until they finish verifiyng the accurracy of my return i am livid to know that i been with turbo tax for some years and you guys are the ones that are supose to check for all this and i also paid extra for protection on all this now what do i do this is crazy whats up with your systems are they going wacko cause it looks like im not the only one having these crazy issues csn u provide me with a 1800 number to talk to a live person and one i can get through to someone not a audio machine 

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