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After you file

Most Federal REFUNDS are issued within 21 business days of the return being accepted by the IRS (this is not based on when you filed).  


 Please keep in mind that once you e-file or mail your return only the IRS has any control over it. 


 The IRS will notify TurboTax when your return is accepted, there are no more updates given for the next 2 stages of Processing and Approval


 You have to go to Where's my Refund to get any further information.


Here is help for tracking your Federal Refund:

Where's my Refund

Here's help for tracking a state refund if you are getting one:



 If you qualified for the Earned income credit or Additional Child Tax Credit here is more information about the PATH Act delay, but keep in mind that the IRS site for Where's my refund,  is the final authority.


While most refunds are issued within 21 days of the return being accepted, not the date it was filed, sometimes there can be delays. 

Please see the following information about contacting the IRS if it has been more than 21 days of acceptance:

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