Re: People with cycle code 20200705 and processing...
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After you file

I was given the same information by the first rep I talked to yesterday. She told me everything would update overnight and I would see the update today. 570 still sitting on my transcript, I was seriously a crazy woman and called probably about four times today because each rep kept giving me different information. One woman actually had the audacity to tell me they only had one of my W-2s reported and that’s why I was being reviewed. So 570 does mean you are being reviewed. We can’t let these people lie to us, I know they have a hard job but they could be a little bit nicer and give us the correct information. I told one rep I was going to come to Work for the IRS next year and he told me he wouldn’t recommend it. I said you must not like your job why don’t you quit. The complaint number that you can Google to get it, only because I don’t have it in front of me, is way more helpful! The woman looked over my information told me all of my W-2s were there, my income amount for the year was the same number as my TurboTax filing and that I was just picked for review. 

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