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I have already filed, but I want to print a copy of my return for my records. How do I print a copy that has all the worksheets that TurboTax used?

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Hi @Bogart


If you use Print Center to print, it will give you an option to print to include all worksheets. Steps to do this can be found below. 


**If your return is still active and you are inside the return, you can click on Tax Tools on the left, and then Print Center.


**If your return thinks you have already printed and filed, these are directions to Print Center.

  • Log into the account you filed the return in
  • Click Tax Home to the left
  • Scroll down to Your tax returns & documents and click Show
  • Select Add a State to get back in return (not adding one, just a way to get inside return)
  • In the left hand-menu, select Tax Tools.
  • Select Print Center.
  • Then choose Print, save or preview this year’s return.
  • Now check the 2017 federal returns (or 2017 state returns) box and choose which forms to print out or all worksheets.
  • Select View or print forms, then go ahead and print.

NOTE: If you correct something after a reject or amend the return, it works better to print from Print Center. 

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After you file

There's no "Tax Home" to click. Evidently I didn't have Turbo Tax save a copy to docs, cuz there's not one there. It wasn't asked.

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