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My fiancé claimed our daughter well I did my taxes yesterday and I put her information on there. Not to claim her but it said information about your children so I thought I had to. Now it’s

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After you file

If you are a non-married couple who live together then only one of you can claim the child(ren) and the one not claiming the child does not enter anything at all on their tax return about the child. 

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After you file

If you have both filed your tax returns and both of you claimed your daughter as a dependent, you will have to wait until the tax return is accepted by the IRS.  


It is possible the return(s) will be rejected.  If that happens, you can correct the return once you receive the rejection code to ensure only one of you claims your daughter. 


If both returns are accepted, one of you will need to file an amended tax return to correct the dependent being claimed twice.


Attached are instructions for amending returns:


Do I need to amend?


How to amend my return?

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