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@ user8979 wrote:

I need to amend my 2017 taxes for social security resion

Why are you posting in this thread--are you trying to get/pay for PLUS?   Normally it's best to start one's own new thread, or it can get confusing with multiple users.   Are you asking how to get the *.tax2017 data file to amend?    Have you already downloaded the free 2017 "amend software"?


This is a thread on how to pay to unlock and download a 2017 return file, and the original poster said he was already in PLUS and just needs to pay.    You haven't said anything about "your" situation.    The minimum to unlock a 2017 return is to pay for a 2018 return in Free Edition upgraded to PLUS for 19.99 by credit/debit card.  Have you already done the upgrade and are now in PLUS, and just need to pay?    Please answer all of the questions below:


  1. What is the story on  your 2018 return?   Has it already been filed, or is it still in preparation?  Or was it prepared elsewhere?
  2. What edition are you currently in now--Free Edition, PLUS, etc.?
  3. Are the 2017 and 2018 returns in the SAME account?

We can give you more info on how to upgrade/pay when you answer those.


Once you have the 2017 tax data file and the 2017 amend software, here's how to amend a 2017 online return: