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After you file

@ hardship5000 wrote:

I got a letter telling me i owe the irs instead of a refund when i contacted them they told me my taxes was filled twice for the same job so turbo tax messed up on my taxes now i am haveing a hard time getting them straightened out now i fell behind on my bills that i had planed on paying off thanks alot


You're posting in an old thread with multiple users and multiple issues.   If you need assistance in this community forum,  you should start your own new thread.  To do so, go to the page at the link below, click the blue "Ask a question" button.



Also, since you received an IRS Letter, you can speak by telephone to the free TurboTax Audit Support Center (assuming you did not purchase the optional Audit Defense).  They may be able to offer you some guidance on this issue.    To get the phone number, go to the page at the link below, click the blue "Get Help..." button and follow the prompts.




Hours are 5AM-5PM Pacific (8AM-8PM Eastern) Monday-Friday.