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After you file

@Anabella  wrote:
I file my taxes on June 29th and get accept and approve on July 2nd. But receive my refund jet.

I assume you efiled your return.   "Accepted" refers to the efile status only.   If your efile return was accepted on July 2, that is the date that the IRS started processing it.     Approval of the entries in your return can only occur after the IRS has finished processing it.  So acceptance and approval cannot happen on the same day.  


The IRS says 9 out of 10 filers who efile and choose direct deposit will get their refunds within 21 days. That still leaves a considerable number of people who do not. Some returns take longer for additional processing due to specific items in the return. Some are pulled at random for more thorough investigation.


You can use this tool to double-check and be sure the efiled return was accepted on July 2:

If that confirmed it was accepted, then what do you see at the IRS website below for the status of your Federal refund?
NOTE: Be sure you enter only the Federal refund amount and not any total amount that includes a state refund. The figure to enter appears on your Federal Form 1040, Line 20a.

If that IRS tool shows that the refund has been sent, report back for more info.

If the IRS tool says it is still "being processed", we can tell you how to speak to a live agent at the IRS to see if they can tell you anything about the delay.

To track a state refund: