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After you file

If your daughter's tax return was e-filed, you will need to print, sign, and mail your tax return to the IRS.  

To prevent fraudulent returns, the IRS will only accept each dependent's SSN once in their e-file system. Because your daughter filed first and used your her SSN, no further e-files using that SSN will be accepted

Your tax return will be accepted if you paper file.

When amending your daughter's tax return, did she answer the statement 'Someone else can claim me as a dependent on their tax return' as Yes?  This is very important.  

Here is more info about amended tax returns:

You will need to wait until your original tax return is processed by the IRS before filing an amended return. If you are receiving a refund, you should wait until the check is issued or you receive your direct deposit.   

Please note that 1040-X cannot be e-filed - you will need to mail a paper return.  It takes the IRS at least 2 - 3 months (and sometime up to 6 months) to process amended returns.  Also, depending on whether the changes affect your numbers, you may also be required to file an amended return with your state.  

The mailing address for your amended tax form 1040Xcan be found at Where to File Addresses for Taxpayers and Tax Professionals Filing Form 1040X