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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

The maximize difference does not help for me.  The only thing that makes sense to me is my SSD drive.  


I have done all that the TT community and customer service has suggested; uninstall and reinstall, admin stuff, turnoff AV, use a different AV program, manual updates, and updated all of my drivers.  I even returned the TT CD and got the download version.  TT customer service had suggested I try a different computer when asking if I had a SSD drive but I don't have another computer here.  Then they said to use TT online, which I would have to pay more to file just the federal return and I already have done too much work in the desktop version for 2 returns to start over.   I just don't trust this version yet to actually file my returns.  I also bought HR Block but I don't like it, my returns are complicated and I am so familiar with TT that I am not comfortable changing now.


I need a backup computer anyway, so I may get a cheap laptop with a standard drive and see if that fixes this problem.  I have used TT for years and have always liked it until this ridiculous version.  This has turned into a challenge for me while I wait and hope for a fix before I try to file my returns.