You can contact the IRS or State to make other pay...
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You can contact the IRS or State to make other payment arrangements. You can call the IRS e-file Payment Services anytime at 1-888-353-4537. You can also visit

Or contact your state tax agency, if you owe a state payment. You can go here and choose your state and it will take you to their contact page with phone numbers to reach them.

To contact the IRS call 800-829-1040

1. press 1 for English listen to the recorded message

2. press 2 for answers about personal income taxes listen to the recorded message

3. press 1 for questions about a form you already submitted

4. press 3 for all other questions

5. press 2 for all other questions

6. enter your social or ein

confirm type (social or ein) and confirm if the number is right by pressing 1

7. Listen to all options then it will say if you have not heard your topic please hold

8. Next, it will say if you owe money and agree with the amount press 1

You will then be transferred to a representative after a general message from the IRS

(Note: If call volume is too high they will ask you to call back)

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