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@Critter-3 @fanfare Just to close the loop, I spoke to two different tax specialists at TT today both of whom agreed it is okay to file the 1040-X even though it shows a larger refund than is due (because IRS automatically corrected the unemployment exclusion). They said that IRS will recognize that they already refunded the UCE and just refund the new savers credit added to the return. As comfort, there's this IRS information on amending returns:


Q3. I already filed an amended return (Form 1040-X) to claim the unemployment compensation exclusion, will this cause any issues or delay my refund? (added April 29, 2021)

A3. No. The IRS can identify a duplicate claim or mixed adjustment scenarios. If the Form 1040-X has changes other than unemployment compensation exclusion, only the part of the claim that was not adjusted when we applied the exclusion will be considered after we apply the exclusion. Filing a Form 1040-X won't increase the time it takes the IRS to make the automatic correction or reduce the time it takes to process your automatic correction.