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Unfortunately, because the IRS has not released the guidance, TurboTax cannot schedule the work and testing that needs to be done. I would be delighted to give you a link where you could be notified of released updates, but until the IRS can give us a complete picture of the whole elephant and not just this part or that, no scheduling of work and testing can be done.


The issue is far larger than just deleting the 8962. 


And you forgot to include the rest of the quote:

"the IRS intends to make internal changes that will prevent these taxpayers from receiving correspondence regarding Form 8962 not being filed."


The present IRS practice is to Accept returns with a 8962 (i.e., all returns), then about three weeks after Acceptance, to place the return that should have had an 8962 into a holding queue and to write the taxpayer a letter asking for the 8962, which holds up processing and any refund. Last year, any taxpayer who should have filed an 8962 but didn't had their refunds held up for months.


So if the IRS has not updated its internal procedures - and software - by the time that a return hits the queue, it will be held up for manual processing which is very likely a worse result than just waiting a bit to file - especially since the IRS has delayed the filing date IN PART FOR EXACTLY THIS REASON to May 17th (June 15th in Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma).

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