You should start with the source, not TurboTax. Th...
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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

You should start with the source, not TurboTax. This will insure you receive the discounted price. If you have already started in TurboTax, here is how to get the discount applied:

1.       Go back to the special website provided by your bank, credit union, or insurance company and select the TurboTax link or icon.

o   This will take you to the special TurboTax-branded affiliate site with the discounted pricing.

2.       Sign in to TurboTax and be sure to select the Take me to my return button.

3.       Select Tax Tools on the left, and then Tools.

4.       Now select the My Fees button. It should show the discount.

Still Having Problems?
The next step is to 
allow cookies. Then follow steps 1-5 again.

Source: TurboTax Products Promotions with Partners

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