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It sounds like you did not receive a stimulus payment for one of your children. Since both children were eligible for the stimulus money, you can claim a credit for the remaining $1100. To enter.

  1. Log into turbo tax
  2. Click on Federal Review 
  3. Let's make sure you got the right stimulus amount>continue
  4. Next screen asks Did you get a stimulus payment? Yes
  5. Then a drop down will appear and this is where you enter the total of your first and second round stimulus payments.
  6. For the first round, you will enter $3000 ($2400 + 600)  The second round $1700 ($1200 + 500)
  7. If you don't receive the $1100 credit, recheck how you entered your dependent information.  Make sure that both children qualify to be dependents. Turbo tax will let you know after the dependent information is entered whether or not they qualify as dependents. Review both of your dependents information thoroughly to make sure they qualify as dependents.

[Edited 02-02-2021|05:59 PST]

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