I only paid 86.00 dollar's in registration fees so...
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I only paid 86.00 dollar's in registration fees so is it really worth the work to get a few buck's back?

  • Why is it when the IRS enlisted Turbo Tax to help with the STIMULUS package and I went through Turbo Tax on 4/11/20 and according to Turbo Tax I had finish my application, and yet to this day I haven't received it! It's now almost 4 months I've been waiting for it and everytime i went to get my payment it stated info not available at this time! I finally just talk to a live Agent and was duly informed that Turbo Tax never sent them my info___The non filers form! My question is why the he'll not? And how is this going to be rectified ? Because I put down my direct deposit with Turbo Tax as they ask and everyone told me that if my form was 8ncomplet Turbo Tax wouldn't have taken your direct deposit info! I I concur , and yet the IRS doesn't have it unless they are lying , but I doubt that! Are you going to take care of your mistake?
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